We capture the personal recollections of our armed service veterans

so their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

Military associations

Military associations and their members are essential partners in the creation of our archive. We work with and develop projects that enable us to film as many veterans as possible in the most cost effective manner. Contact us so we can talk in more detail about how to ensure your association lives on in the future.

The Battle of Britain Fighter Association wanted to work with Legasee to ensure that the recollections of the few of ‘The Few’ that remain are kept for future generations. We have co-ordinated several shoots with them where we spend the day interviewing survivors of the great battle. These films are now in safe hands and can be used in the Wing when sufficient funding is secured for it's construction.

We’ll be working with the British Berlin Airlift Association and it’s members to ensure that their memories are saved for future generations. In addition to being available to view online they will be archived at the Flixton Air Musuem in Suffolk.

“The BBAA are delighted to be involved in this very important project to capture the stories, observations and experiences of our veterans before it is too late.”

Geoff Smith - Chairman

Case study

The Berlin Airlift is still the largest humanitarian project of it’s kind in history. Legasee has recently secured a Heritage Lottery Grant to record the surviving veterans of this incredible chapter of Cold War History.