We capture the personal recollections of our armed service veterans

so their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

The Learning


Legasee  partnered with the Bungay High School in Suffolk.  Meeting every Tuesday during term-time, a group of students developed their skills in research and journalism to prepare them to meet and interview two groups of Veterans.  


The first session, attended by a dozen veterans from the British Berlin Airlift Association (BBAA) was held at the Duxford Museum.  This was followed by an afternoon at the Flixton Aviation Museum interviewing a smaller group of local Veterans with specific connections to airbases in East Anglia. 

A series of creative, educational resources accompany the project. These colourful and engaging lesson plans enable students to explore the impact of the Cold War from it’s earliest days.  Briefing notes, discussion points and eye-witness personal testimony challenge students to consider:

  • Was Churchill right to say that ‘he who controls Berlin controls Europe?

  • How to sustain life in a city of 2.1 million people

  • What life was like at the world’s busiest airport

  • The Airlift’s impacts in post war europe

  • Was the Airlift the first battle of the cold war or a humanitarian act?

Click on the link on the left to access the online version or email for a printed copy. 

Headmaster of Bungay High School,  Sean O’Neil

‘I believe the recording and archiving of oral history is one of the most powerful resources for our students. It is vital that we do not lose these personal and insightful experiences that really give a context to events.  Legasee and schools like ours will not let the memories or stories disappear.’

Colin Cottle - Vice Chair - The Berlin Airlift Association

‘The students had obviously studied the subject well before the event, and had many questions to ask, so I think the finished project should do them credit.’