We capture the personal recollections of our armed service veterans

so their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

The Project


Funding for this project was provided by the Heritage Lottery and we had a number of criteria to meet throughout. These included:


  • Raising public awareness as to the role of British veterans in this seminal moment of British Military History. 
  • Maximising the opportunity for school children and young people to participate in the project, learn about the heritage and develop new skills.
  • Creating a high quality digital film library of the veteran interviews that can be accessed on-line.
  • Giving everyone participating in the project an experience which they will value and enjoy.

From the start we appealed for volunteers who would be willing to donate their time on the project. Our Project Manager Juliana Vandegrift quickly established a core group who were trained in research and oral history techniques. They established which East Anglian airbases were involved with the Berlin Airlift and set about finding local veterans for interviews. Several of the group were instrumental in the filming, interviewing and transcribing of the veterans.



‘The project has improved my confidence and my knowledge and I have been proud to be part of it.  Some of the stories have been mind blowing and others amusing!  What a great bunch of Veterans’.


‘My knowledge of the Berlin Airlift is greatly improved and I understand the role of my community in the airlift far more.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent on the project and I would love to get involved in future ventures.’