We capture the personal recollections of our armed service veterans

so their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

Military associations


Military associations and their members are essential partners in the creation of our archive. We work with and develop projects that enable us to film as many veterans as possible in the most cost effective manner. Contact us so we can discuss how to ensure your veterans' stories survive the future.

The Battle of Britain Fighter Association wanted to work with Legasee to ensure that the recollections of the few of ‘The Few’ that remain are kept for future generations. Many of our interviews can now be seen at the incredible Scramble Experience in Capel-le-Ferne site. 

We worked with the British Berlin Airlift Association and it’s members to create the largest, freely available video archive of British veterans talking about the Airlift. 

“The BBAA are delighted to have been involved in this very important project to capture the stories, observations and experiences of our veterans.”

Geoff Smith - Chairman

Case study

Click to view the lesson plan we created for Cold War history students.