We capture the personal recollections of our armed service Veterans

so their legacy of bravery, sacrifice and suffering can live on.

London was the organisational hub of Britain’s Secret War. 


As part of our project, we have created a mobile phone App which enables the public to learn about the “secret war” history of some of the buildings and streets of our capital city. Called ‘Spooks, Spies and Videotape - London’s secret War’, it is a free download on both Android and Apple phones. Click on the pic to download the APP in Itunes.


Many of the buildings we pass, visit and use every day were requisitioned and played vital roles in clandestine operations throughout Europe and the wider world. 

Many of the veterans interviewed recalled memories of their work in many of the buildings. Buildings such as the Shooting Range at Baker Street Underground station, the Headquarters of Marks and Spencer and St Paul’s church in Knightsbridge. In total we feature 28 locations, some of which have since been demolished and disappeared.

Each location reveals interesting factual detail on their specific use and many feature our video recorded interviewees. We have also included documents and audio recordings from the National Archives and the Imperial War museum respectively. 

Designed for both Apple and Android mobile phones, geo-mapping ensures that users are alerted when they are near specific locations. Also included in the build of the App is the opportunity to save visited locations and to share details about the App with friends and acquaintances.