Geoffrey Wellum

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Talks about life at Biggin Hill station. First spin in a Harvard was quite frightening, 3 people died during training but you can never think it'll be you - 'if you let you imagination run away with you, you may as well pack it in'. After 92 squadron went to an OTU to train on Hurricanes and then Spitfires. Then did a tour with 65 squadron to Malta in August 1942. Had his 21st birthday at sea onboard a aircraft carrier en route to Malta. Flew off the Balearic islands along the coast of Africa leading a squadron of Spitfires at very low altitude with not a bullet between them to reduce weight and save fuel. Malta was hot and sticky, he had problems with his sight and bad headaches, turned out to have a chronic sinus problem and was taken to hospital to have a hole drilled in his head to relieve the pressure.