Len Manning

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On his 3rd mission, Len was shot down over France on their way to the target.  Coned by searchlights, the pilot put the Lancaster into a dive but this made it easier for the German fighters to pick them up on radar. A German night fighter came up underneath where the gunners couldn't see and hit their plane.  Four of the crew were killed but Lee and 2 others bailed out - the plane was on fire and his parachute had started to burn, which burnt his face and arms.  Lee landed in field and walked for 8 miles before he collapsed on a French farmer's doorstep. The Germans were looking for Lee so for 3 months the French Resistance kept moving him around from house to house.  Lee spent most of the time in a cafe run by two elderly ladies, which was the HQ of area resistance. Eventually the Americans liberated the area and returned him to Paris where the RAF picked him and hundreds of other Brits like him.  Lee met the German pilot fighter who shot him down and invited him to his 80th birthday party.