Bernard Crowley

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Terry Crwoley

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Rank :

2nd Lieutenant / Interpreter and engineer

Regiment :

Royal Engineers and Bengal Lancers

Service :


Served :

Ottoman Empire and Afghanistan

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Born into a privileged background in India, Bernard enjoyed riding horses a passion that he would continue between military campaigns.

At age 11 he was sent to finish his education at the Irish Military Academy in Dublin. Barney then enlisted with the Royal Engineers to fight in the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign. After months of desperate fighting and eventual defeat, he ventured to Afghanistan serving for the Bengal Lancers as an interpreter and engineer. He campaigned in this format until the the armistice and upon reaching England in 1919 he was discharged.

In 1939, aged 42 he was then copnscripted again. After some bomb disposal training he was placed in charge of a small team of Royal Engineers. In 1941 he was sent to Hong Kong. Six months later the island was taken by the Japanese and Barney was sent to a POW camp. Four years later he returned to England a shadow of his former self.

Despite the punishment he survivied for another 20 years and is still missed to this day by his son Terry who is one of our Veterans.